Here are our current and upcoming programs that Amazing Soldiers will be offering


A Safe Haven provides domestic assistance or finding help within the areas of housekeeping, caregiving & or cell phone bill assistance  We aim to ensure that clients maintain stability during their time of need.


Amazing Health is dedicated to providing our clients with nutrition, health, and wellness education. This program will instruct participants in preparing healthy meals, making healthy choices, meditation methods, and work-out routines.

A Way Home

A Way Home offers assistance or finding help with minor automobile repairs, fuel assistance, and other transportation needs. Our goal is to get you where you need to be.

Optimum HR & Consulting

Are you a veteran that want to get help getting your benefits? Well look no further .Tired of been discouraged wondering why no one is calling you back from the many applications you applied for. Need help with your cover letter / resume we can help  you can get that professional development .We offer build your resume and cover letter workshops to teach you more than basics steps but we teach you life skills.

*Small Service fee*

Coming Soon!!!


 We are proud to be able to provide access to education services that increase basic academic skills and vocational training for adults. As a Community Action Agency, we strongly believe in improving adult education, particularly when it directly impacts and influences children’s educational goals. Our program prepares our clients with career training and vocational skills, and helps to instill a commitment to community outreach and strong citizen leadership skills. All of these aspects will improve the chances of economic independence and self-sufficiency.


This is a music therapy program that uses music education to help our clients with self-esteem, emotional expression. and social skills. This program is a form of psychological and social wellness.


We offer financial literacy courses for our clients that cover budgeting, investing, and financial planning.